Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 6

It's gone! The temple is destroyed.  There is nothing.  There was once a lovely vista a woods and parks near my house and not there is nothing but desert and stumps of tree.  Every trace of beauty is gone.  Nobody who had known it from the past would come today and not even recognize the place.  I'm in such horror.  I'm pretty sure everyone is shocked.  This is the very first generation to experience horror and wickedness all in once.  Everything went by so quickly, I'm not sure what I'm going to do during night.  The famine is still pretty bad and now the temple.  My brothers didn't feel such power when the core of Judaism was destroyed.  That's how strong location and new people affected my brothers.  They are sad because we're sad but I'm sure they don't feel as broken as everyone here.  Jacob did tell me a quote that really spoke out to me.  "It's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved before.  So what if the heart breaks, at least you will know love."

I'm not sure when the next time I will post a blog, but I will try and keep you updated!

Day 5

I woke up earlier today.  I felt as something really bad was going to happen.  I accidentally woke up brothers but they need to know how I feel.  I tell them everything and they are finally here so I took advantage.  I told them that I feel empty.  My whole family is here and we have enough food to last for a couple more weeks but why do I feel empty?

Day 4 Cont...

OH MY GOODNESS! I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS CRAZY RUMOR!  People say that a woman was so hungry that she ate her own son! Wow! I know!  The people who saw the half-eaten baby were disturbed.  Would you eat your own baby? I know I wouldn't.  Not only is that cannibalism, your eating half of yourself.  Your baby is half of you and your partner.  I know I wouldn't eat my baby.  I would love it too much and I'm not even giving it a chance of life.  Also, it's a bit selfish you would rather help yourself than your family, don't you think?

Day 4

It's official, I can not handle this.  I woke up in the morning and I saw my mother and father crying.  The house was robbed.  Our last bit of food was gone.  I went out into the city to see if there was at least a loaf of bread.  From the distance a saw a familiar man in the distance.  It was my brother Jacob who went to Lydda.  I ran to him giving him a big hug!  We went home but it was strange how no one was at the house.  It was my brother and I in the house for about 2 hours.  We caught up and he told me how the famine didn't affect him so much.  I wonder if my other 2 brothers were affected.  Hopefully they can stop by and say hello!
So while I was talking to my brother about the Romans, my mother and father walked into the house with my other 2 brothers.  The whole family is here!  They also brought food for us.  They weren't affected too.  I wonder why Jerusalem was.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 3 Cont...

THIS JUST IN: the robbers are so hungry that one of them ate their leather shoe!  Other robbers are eating old hay.  This famine is too crazy.  I'm wondering, why don't the Romans give us some food?  We are letting them control the land only if they don't mess with us.  We aren't bothering them so why can't they give us something?  How come they always look so healthy and strong?

Day 3

Shalom.. I'm hungry. My father doesn't get food regularly and the famine seems to be making everyone very lazy.  No one is outside and it's strange to see people inside of their homes.  So many people are dying, especially the very young children and the elderly.  It's really sad.  I've began to notice that there's many more crimes during these hungry periods.  I talked to my father about it and he said that robbers try to steal anything just to put something into their body.  They are hungry animals!  The good thing about my house is that it's not located in the center of Jerusalem so we don't get robbed.  My father said we've never been robbed before so I'm pretty sure we won't :)

Day 2

Hey Everyone! So I completely forgot to tell you about the Romans.  They took over and beautiful Judea decided there should be another famine.  My father couldn't work as hard because 1) there's no seeds, 2) there's no water, and 3) there will be no results.  I remember seeing my dad walk back from the field with empty hands.  I knew something happened but I didn't want to believe it.  My father said he felt as if he could no longer support the family.  Both my mother and I knew that there was no way possible that there is absolutely no food.  So we decided to write to my brothers to see if they could send us something. Hopefully they write soon or they send food.  Either one will make my day!!
I'm not sure when the next time I will be on but I will let you know if anything happens!